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https://www.facebook.com/greencleaninginvestments?fref=ts ...show more
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Big savings. More style. CTM is the country’s biggest specialist tile and bathroom retailer by far. Every year we buy enough tiles to tile a pathway right round the world with enough left over to go halfway round again! That kind of ...show more
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Promosa, Potchefstroom
The main factory was established in late 1980. Soon we realised that there was a great need for an opportunity to change people’s lives, enable individuals to care for their families,and make themselves economically independent. This oppor ...show more
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Food and cleaning detergent distributor. Distributors of cleaning detergents. Supplier and distributor of Fresh baked bread. Meat direct from abattoirs, Confectionery distributors fresh on a daily bases. maize meal distributors direct f ...show more
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the different types of cleaning materials on the market?

    There’s a variety of different cleaning materials that have specific functions.

    The most common types of cleaning solutions are:

    - Detergents

    Most detergents are used to break up dirt or soil. They’re perfect for cleaning clothes and any item made of fabric. Detergents come in the form of liquids, crystals and powders.

    - Degreasers

    Degreasers are used to clean up grease and oils. They’re usually used in the kitchen and have a soap-like consistency.

    - Abrasives

    Abrasive cleaners are mechanical cleaners that scratch off dirt and stains through friction as you rub the surface.

    - Acid

    Acidic cleaners are often used to disinfect an area. These types of cleaners are usually a bleach cleaner which are useful for bathrooms and toilets.
  • What cleaning tools should I buy for my house?

    The are plenty of cleaning tools. However, there are certain cleaning tools that every household in Potchefstroom could benefit from having.

    The most common cleaning tools include:

    - Broom, mop and dustpan
    - Buckets
    - Spray bottle
    - Cloths and sponges
    - Vacuum cleaner
  • What are the benefits of natural cleaning agents?

    Natural cleaning agents have become increasingly popular in the past few years in Potchefstroom. They’re healthier to use in your home and they protect the environment more than normal cleaning agents. Generic cleaning products usually need to be handled with care because of the harmful chemicals. Natural cleaning products are made from natural ingredients that can be found in nature and even have the potential to boost our health.
  • What kind of cleaning products should I use to get rid of stains?

    There’s a variety of stain remover products on the market and some of them work better than others. They come in the form of liquids, powders and foaming sprays. Many of the products contain bleach, a strong chemical that needs to be handled with care. Avoid breathing in or ingesting these products at all costs. Make sure you follow the instructions for using the product too.
  • Are air care cleaning products safe to use?

    Yes, air care products are safe to use. They usually come in an aerosol can, make the air fresher and get rid of germs. Consumers can confidently use air care products to make their homes and workplaces more inviting. Every product that you find in-store will meet health and safety standards. All the products undergo safety assessments including ingredient reviews, exposure and risk measurement, in-home testing and market research.
  • What cleaning agents should I use to sanitise surfaces?

    It’s important to make sure that all surfaces are sanitised often, especially in public spaces. You can sanitise a surface using an alcohol-based cleaning agent. Try to avoid directly touching the cleaning products as they might dry out or harm your skin. Wear gloves and use a cloth to apply the product to a surface. Make sure that the surface won’t get damaged by being exposed to the products too.
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