How the Verified Badge Helps Pros Get Hired

Laying the Foundation of Trust

Trust is the single most important factor that pushes a customer to do business with a Pro.

While visiting a Pro's profile, the potential customer is not going through it just for the heck of it!

They want to be 100% sure that the Pro is not just someone who can do the job, but somebody who will actually show up and follow through!

In order to build trust, Snupit awards qualifying Pros who have submitted identity documents and proof of address with a ‘Snupit Verified Badge'. Rest assured that Snupit verifies all these identification documents before assigning the badge.

When a Pro is hired by the customer, they are not just trusting them with the project alone. There is so much more they are trusting them with, such as their home, health, family, workspace, or even pet, among other things.

Snupit's Trust and Safety Features

At Snupit, our mission is to build and maintain a safe and trustworthy environment for everyone. It is for this reason that we have introduced the following features:

When a customer sees the badges pinned on your profile, it will assure them of you being a reliable professional. With positive customer reviews, you can become the top choice among Pros for customers.

Want to learn more about how YOU can get a Snupit verified badge? Contact us today and build your name into one of the most reliable ones in the market.