Smart Hiring on Snupit

Hold it! Don't be hasty in hiring a Pro yet! Whether it's on Snupit or anywhere else - be smart and follow these tips!

Tip 1: Always Read the Pro's Reviews

Reviews are there to let you know what other customers are saying about the Pro. Going through these will give you a pretty good picture whether you should hire or not.

Also note how they respond to negative comments or criticism. This will help you understand how the Pro deals with their customers.

At Snupit, we go a step further by highlighting verified customer reviews.

Tip 2: Visit the Pro's Profile

The best way to get the most info about a Pro is to visit their profile page. You can read in detail about their business, and whether they are the right people for the job. In addition you can also check out their:

  • Business description
  • Work Pictures
  • Credentials
  • Work history
  • Links to their website/social media

Tip 3: Look for the Pro Verified Badge Pro Verified

A crucial aspect that puts faith in the customer is the Pro's credentials. At Snupit, we ensure reliability, trust and safety with our Pro Verified Badge. This means that Snupit has verified the details of the business by doing the following:

  • Checking the ID of the Pro
  • Checking the Proof of Address of the Pro
  • If everything turns out to be clean, a Pro Verified badge is issued to the Pro

Tip 4: Look for the Background Checked Badge Background Checked

As a further step to hire Pro’s with confidence, we have allocated a Background Checked badge to Pro’s who have agreed to submit their information to a credit bureau for an independent verification report. This means that Snupit has issued this badge by doing the following:

  • Issuing a thorough background check of the Pro
  • The Pro’s details are given to the credit bureau partner
  • A risk check is conducted on the Pro
  • A risk profile score is generated
  • If the risk profile score is low, a Background Checked badge is issued to the Pro

Tip 5: Gather More Information About the Pro

The more information you have, the better choices you make. So learn as much as possible about the Pro as you can.

Snupit makes communication easy between customers and the Pros without giving away any personal information. This gives you the chance to get to know the Pro by asking as many questions as you wish. You may ask them to share with you:

  • References from previous customers
  • Legal permit for the project
  • Whether any of the work will be subcontracted by the Pro
  • Pictures of previous projects
  • Timeframe of the project from beginning to end
  • And even schedule a meeting or a phone-call

It would help a great deal if you did some research of your own. With the internet, this is as simple as typing in the Pro's name in a search engine and pressing the enter key!

Tip 6: Always Think Things Through!

It's always a great plan to 'plan ahead'. Make sure that whatever you are planning to do, you have it in writing. Whether it's on a piece of paper, your personal diary or your smartphone, note down in detail about the project’s:

  • Costs
  • Initiation date
  • Completion date
  • Where, how and who will be undertaking the various tasks

Note: Come to an agreement to limit your down payment, paying the remaining amount at intervals related to the completion of certain parts of the project.

Tip 7: Cover All the Bases!

The future is unpredictable, so why take the risk?! Make sure you have all the permits, licenses and insurance coverage for your project.

Check your insurance policies: Accidents can happen. So the best way to prepare for them - other than taking all the safety precautions - is to make sure you are covered. Get in touch with your insurance provider and discuss your insurance coverage plan and whether it meets the needs of your project.

Note: Also make sure to check out the Pro's insurance coverage as well!

Fulfil all the Legalities: Before finalizing and starting the project, find out about:

  • Your project's permit requirements
  • The Pro's licence requirements
  • Any law that prevents you from initiating the project

You can start by getting in touch with the office of the local government. Ask them specifically about your upcoming plans and whether you need to get any permits or licenses.

We’re Always Here to Help

Please remember that Snupit cannot control the actions of the Pros or of the customers. However, we are always there to help you whenever you need it. If there’s any problem, please feel free to visit our help centre.