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Top Mechanics in Tongaat

Trurolands, Tongaat
Kc Auto- Quality Service At A Fair Price!. RMI approved and the only 5 Star Graded Dealer on the North Coast. Give us a call for your next service or repair... 0329454483 ...show more
1 review
by Antoine, 076****255
5 star service always!!!!
At CV Rite and Suspension we specialize in supply, fitting and repairs to all makes of CV Joints. We also repair suspension ball joints , manual and power steering racks, tie rod ends, wheel bearing, control arms , suspension bushes etc. ...show more
1 review
by Leon, 084****790
How do you explain all the cv bolts being loose, i mean almost falling off. This put my life and my families lives at risk. They even lost the locknut key which explains why about 16 spline bolts were dangling loose. They need to compensate...
Tongaat Industrial, Tongaat
We specialize in Mercedes Benz repairs. When it comes to Mercedes Benz repairs we have been in the game for 32 years and know what your vehicle repair needs are. Our diagnostic equipment is up to the mercede benz standard. come to us if you w ...show more
1 review
by Kaya, 082****988
I always service and repair my cars at Star Auto. They always do excellent job and their prices are quite affordable - good value for money.
Vanrova, Tongaat
trucks / tractors / cars / bakkies / mini bus / taxi / spare parts. we buy good used or new accident damaged or redundant vehicles and strip them for the good 2nd hand parts that the have that are re usable for a fraction of the price as comp ...show more
0 reviews
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Mitchell Village, Tongaat
2 reviews
by REGGIE, 082****717
My vehicle Mercedes 380 Sec. NJ 9325 was sent in to Stuttgart Tongaat for engine repair in January 2016. To date my vehicle is not repaired. I have enquired on numerous occasions on progress of repairs , only to be told (waiting for spares ...
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What services do mechanics provide?

    Mechanics will provide maintenance and repair services for their customers’ vehicles in Tongaat. It generally doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle it is. The services are based on the maintenance schedule of vehicle and the vehicle’s condition.

    Mechanics in Tongaat provide services such as:

    - Oil and water changes to make sure that the vehicle runs smoothly and the engine can operate well.

    - Tire rotation to make sure the weight of the vehicle is balanced correctly on each tire and the steering wheel is able to control the vehicle properly.

    - Brake repairs to make sure the brakes are doing their job correctly and the brake pad isn’t worn out.

    - Clutch repairs to make sure that petrol is released from the tank and used by the engine.

    - Headlight renewal to make sure your headlights aren’t too scratched, foggy or dim.

    - Radiator flush to make sure your air conditioning and heating system works well.
  • What happens if I don’t get my oil changed?

    Oil is the lubricant that keeps your vehicle running smoothly. If you don’t have your oil checked and changed, it could affect your car’s performance. If things get really bad, sludge will accumulate in your vehicle's engine and cause it to break down. In addition, this will wear your engine over time and cause it to break down much sooner after if it’s been fixed.

    Every car requires different oil. Mechanics in Tongaat should be able to determine the kind of oil that your car needs. However, if there’s any uncertainty, the car’s manual will have all the information. Make sure you keep your car manual in a safe place.
  • Can mechanics service my vehicle at home?

    It depends on the mechanic and the company that they work for in Tongaat. Most of the time, mechanics prefer servicing a vehicle at their own premises. This means they’ll have the relevant tools to complete the job effectively. In addition, they’ll probably have more comprehensive insurance coverage. Nevertheless, mobile mechanics in Tongaat are becoming increasingly popular because they can attend to a vehicle that cannot be driven.
  • How do I know if a mechanic is qualified?

    Reputable mechanics in Tongaat will have some kind of certification and possibly belong to the Automobile Association of South Africa. A trustworthy mechanic in Tongaat should have experience, a good track record and positive reviews from customers.
  • How often should I have my brakes checked?

    It’s important to have your brakes checked as often as possible. If your brakes don’t work, it could be a major hazard that leads to a fatal accident. The best times to have your brakes checked is during tire rotation. Mechanics in Tongaat will check the thickness of your brake pads and make sure they are running at peak conditions. Your brake pads are essential when it comes to maintaining the stopping power of your vehicle. It’s advisable to have them checked at every possible opportunity.
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    1. You never pay to use Snupit. It’s free and you get to compare multiple quotes from the best mechanics in Tongaat.

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