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Active Fire Services
Services Verulam
Sales, installation, servicing, maintenance of firefighting equipment and systems; Health and Safety Auditing and Consulting; Accredited Training Facilities; Loadshedding solutions. Active Fire Services was founded in 2016 as a division of Gl
1 review
by Maglie, 082****891
Active Fire did our annual service, an inspection on legal requirements as well as installation of a new fire hydrant. I was very impressed by their professional and efficient service! Etienne is passionate about his job and well informed, ...
Frequently Asked Questions
To avoid hazardous situations, fire detection is of vital importance because fire safety devices sense rising temperatures and activate fire alarms, warning people or initiating vacation of the building. At Snupit you can find the best fire safety experts in Verulam to keep you protected from dangerous fires.
  • Why are fire safety systems compulsory?

    Fire safety systems activate fire alarms in case of extremely high temperature or fires, to alert people and give them a prompt signal to exit the premises. Lack of fire safety systems can be extremely dangerous in case of a fire.
  • How many types of fire detection systems are there?

    There are mainly four types of fire detection systems: heat, ionization, photoelectric, and ionization/photoelectric. They differ in terms of how they detect fires. Heat sensors use temperature for detection, while the other three use smoke levels to detect fires.
  • How to find a suitable fire detection system for you?

    Once you have an idea of each fire detection system, you will be able to choose one for your commercial or residential building. Most people opt for a smoke detector for domestic use, because it always sets off an alarm, even though it may initiate a false alarm due to steam. For industrial or commercial uses, a heat detector is more suitable.
  • What fire safety equipment should I have on my property?

    Fire extinguishers are a great starting point. However, it’s a good idea to install smoke detectors, a fire alarm and sprinklers. Make sure that they are tested by fire safety experts on a regular basis too.
  • Who do I call if a fire is growing out of control?

    The national emergency number in South Africa is 10177. This number can be used in the case of a medical emergency or if there’s a fire.
  • How often should a fire extinguisher be inspected or tested?

    All fire extinguishers, fire hoses and other fire safety equipment should be checked on a regular basis. It’s important to make sure they are in working condition and ready for emergencies. Typically, a visual inspection should be done on a monthly basis by an employee or a qualified fire safety expert in Verulam.

    In terms of the law, extinguishers and hoses must be checked and documented at least once a year by a qualified inspector in Verulam. There will be a sign-off tag or document to verify that they have been inspected.

    In addition, extinguishers should be recharged every time they have been used. Even if it’s Even if the extinguisher was only used a small amount it must be serviced. There is powder that can clog the valve and prevent reuse.
Price Estimate for fire safety near by Verulam

  • Fire extinguisher: R180 : R1000
  • Fire alarm and smoke detectors: R600 : R1000

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