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Featured Private Investigators near Ballito

Lex Digitals
Services Ballito
From tracing, PI services, web design and business registration. We have it covered. Lex Digitals is a home grown registered business that offers services such as tracing, business registrations and web design. We have been around for over...
7 reviews
by Violeta, 076****965
Friendly and professional approach
Berry Bountiful
Services Ballito
Tracing Agents, Moving Services, Investigation Services. Berry Bountiful Tracing Agency is a leading provider of professional tracing and investigation services. With a team of highly skilled investigators and state-of-the-art technology, we ...
4 reviews
by clara, 072****128
Thanks for you great service. I will recommend your service to customers.
OSHSkills Management
Services Ballito
Your one stop shop in health and safety training and consulting. Training in material handling, earthmoving equipment, health & safety, short courses - both accredited courses and non-accredited workshops. Health and safety consulting, site ...
2 reviews
by Diane, 083****411
.I have done a few training courses through oshskills. Very Professional, informative up to date information. They keep abreast of changes to legislation and make clients awaree. Staff friendly and helpful.
Mediterranean Occupational Safety Security Consultants
Services Ballito
Security,Risk Mitigation,Tracing,Investigations & Training. MOSSC provides professional services in all aspects of firearm,security,investigations,tracing and training situated in the Durban and surrounding areas.Accredited with Professional ...
1 review
by Steven, 084****720
Security and Training
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What do private investigators do?

    A private investigator (PI) is a freelance detective that can be hired by an individual or group to investigate a variety of legal matters. They usually work in collaboration with the police, attorneys or lawyers. Moreover, private investigators will generally handle more serious cases.
  • How do I know if a private investigator is legitimate?

    Legitimate private investigators in Ballito will have a professional licence. The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) verifies all private investigators and gives them a licence number. If you are uncertain about the legitimacy of a private investigator, you are free to enquire with the PSIRA and make sure they have been verified.
  • What kind of crimes and investigations can a private investigator help me with?

    An experienced private investigator in Ballito can help with a variety of different cases. At the end of the day, every case is unique. However, you will come across private investigators who specialise in specific legal matters or crimes. These kinds of investigators will usually have niche knowledge and advice.

    Private investigators deal with cases related to:

    - Fraud and embezzlement
    - Death and other violent crimes
    - Gender-based violence
    - Theft
  • What information will a private investigator be able to source?

    Private investigators in Ballito are trained professionals. They will generally have the means to source documents that aren’t easily available to the public. In addition, many private investigators have access to exclusive information.

    Information that a private investigator can source and verify:

    - Arrest records
    - Birth records
    - Bankruptcy records
    - Business licenses
    - Corporate records
    - Court records
    - Criminal records
    - Death records
  • How do private investigators charge for their services?

    All private investigators in Ballito have their own fees and requirements. However, they usually decide to charge an hourly or daily rate. In addition, some private investigators will have a consultation fee. The onus is on the client to decide if they are willing to pay an upfront consultation fee.
  • Can I hire a private investigator if I have already contacted the police?

    Yes, you can hire a private investigator in Ballito before or after you have contacted the police. It should not be a problem. Private investigators will generally focus on one case at a time and help the police to solve a case faster. In addition, private investigators get paid a decent amount of money for their work. You will need to be financially prepared to pay private investigator fees.
  • Does it take long for a private investigator to start working on my case?

    It all depends on the workload of the private investigator in Ballito. They usually focus on one case at a time. This means that if they’re available to work on your case, they could get started within hours of hearing your story. Some cases are easy to get started on straight away. However, it’s impossible to tell exactly how long the PI will take to solve the case. Many cases remain unsolved.
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