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Top 10 Laser Clinics in Boksburg

Bardene, Boksburg
LASER LIPO HOUSE offers a variety of 45 aesthetic treatments that will help you look absolutely great – the easy way!. We administer 45 non-surgical / aesthetic laser and slimming treatments at LASER LIPO HOUSE in Boksburg. · Instant Laser ...show more
2 reviews
by Anita, 084****107
Professional service, great prices
Bardene, Boksburg
Comprehensive, In Person / Online, Theoretical and Practical training in aesthetic lasers. Aesthetic Laser Academy offers short courses in aesthetic laser treatments - ideal for Students, Beauty Therapists, Salon Owners and Entrepreneurs. ...show more
0 reviews
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Bardene, Boksburg
There is no better place to Start or Enhance your career in Beauty than at the Best Beauty Academy!. The Beauty and Laser Academy is very proud to introduce our 18 month Beauty, Nails, Laser and Business Training program to you! If you are ...show more
3 reviews
by genny, 061****155
This is just the best place I have ever been, friendly staff and great school.
Ravenswood, Boksburg
Health. General Practitioner. Minor Surgery. IV therapy. Vitamin drips. Facial peels. Scar removal. Supplements to assist with hair, weight, hair, iron,fertility. In operation since 2018. ...show more
3 reviews
by Clement, 071****166
Bardene, Boksburg
I'm not as beautiful as you, I'm as beautiful as me!. About Us: Our beauty salon is a unique concept designed to provide aspiring beauty therapists with the opportunity to gain practical experience in a professional environment while they st ...show more
1 review
by Di-Jancko, 071****536
I had a wonderful experience.My therapist Danél made me feel welcomed and would definitely recommend.
Beyers Park, Boksburg
We take pride in all our treatments to make you feel superb. Buon Amici started as a one man salon and has grown and built wonderful relationships along the way. We offer all your hand and feet treatments as well as your nail enhancements and ...show more
0 reviews
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Bardene, Boksburg
Consider us your Go-To Service Provider for all things Beauty and Laser – from Recruitment and Training to Equipment and Repairs. At Beauty and Laser Staff Solutions, we specialize in offering comprehensive recruiting services tailored speci ...show more
0 reviews
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Cinderella, Boksburg
SA Beauty and Nails is in the beauty industry for more than 19 years and strive to give every client personal attention and satisfaction.YOUR TYPE OF BUSINESS. We perform the following treatments for more than 19 YEARS IPL treatments- Hair r ...show more
0 reviews
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Bardene, Boksburg
All About Aesthetic Laser. Quality aesthetic laser, light and electro salon equipment. We love laser! Everything laser! ...Training, Equipment, Repairs, Rentals, Recruitment... ...show more
1 review
by Chere, 072****981
I recently did a service on my machine with All About Aesthetics and I am so happy with their service. They are so friendly and accommodating. My machine which I bought from them two years ago is still working perfectly. I am very satisfied...
Sunward Park, Boksburg
With 15 years of experience, Posh Peach will have you feeling fresh and more like yourself in no time. Using an Imported Italian Soft Wax, partnered with our Pre-Wax Oil that hydrates your epidermis, preventing ingrown hairs and flakey skin ...show more
0 reviews
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the typical procedures performed at a laser clinic?

    There are numerous procedures performed at a laser clinics in Boksburg. A large number of cosmetic treatments entail using a laser.

    Here’s a list of the most common laser treatments:

    - Laser hair removal

    Lasers are used in the process of hair removal. The hair follicles are exposed to pulses of laser light that ultimately destroy them and prevent new hair from growing. The treatment has been commercially available since the late 90s.

    - Facial skin treatments

    Laser skin resurfacing is a procedure where the outer layer of the skin is removed with precision. This results in new skin cells forming as the skin heals and becomes tighter. In a matter of weeks, the client will have radiant and younger looking skin. The procedure can be done alone or alongside other cosmetic surgeries. It’s a common choice for people with acne, pigmentation or wrinkles.

    - Body skin treatments

    Laser treatment can tighten body skin and help with pigmentation and stretch marks. The laser resurfaces the skin and promotes the generation of new, healthier skin.

    - Tattoo removal

    The lasers can be used to remove unwanted tattoos. The treatment is very similar to your typical body skin treatment.

    - Laser eye surgery

    This treatment is considered slightly more complex than the others. It must be performed by a qualified eye doctor who has done the procedure before.
  • What precautions should I take after getting a laser treatment?

    There are a few things you can do to avoid possible side-effects from laser treatment. Firstly, one needs to protect their skin from the sun.

    After a laser treatment you should exercise the following precautions:

    - Avoid direct sunlight from hitting the treated areas.
    - Do not use a tanning bed, sun lamp, or any other indoor tanning equipment.
    - Carefully follow your after-care instructions.

    You might notice some redness and swelling after treatment which looks like a mild sunburn. Apply a cool compress in order to reduce discomfort.
  • How long does it take to see results after a laser treatment?

    Most laser treatments require a few sessions before there are any noticeable results. The only exception is the laser eye surgery which requires a different type of laser and skills.

    For laser hair removal, skin treatments and tattoo removal, the average number of sessions is 8-12. It depends on the results you are looking for and the recommendations provided by the laser clinics in Boksburg. Unfortunately, you can’t expect to see major results after one session. You have to understand that it’s a long-term commitment.
  • Who can benefit from laser treatments?

    Laser treatments are a viable option for people who have tried a range of other treatment options that don’t work effectively. The treatments are a little pricy for some people’s budgets, but the results are usually worth it. In addition, laser treatment offers long-lasting results. This means you won’t have to return to your old ways.
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