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Services Diepkloof
The A B C of Shade. Protect yourself and your belongings by enjoying warmth in the shade. Awningwise make or repair specialised fabric Awnings, Blinds and Canopies for Shade. The A B C of Shade. Drop blinds for interior or exterior use, fo
1 review
by Jenny, 082****558
Awning wise built a shade side for the kids play area. Gave best advice and lots of ideas, professional and in budget.
RLT Awnings
Services Diepkloof
RLT AWNINGS CREATING UNIQUE LIVING SPACES. At RLT AWNINGS, we pride ourselves in our service excellence, and in our workmanship. We do aluminium louvre awnings, fixed aluminium awnings, aluminium door and window awnings, we also do canvas awn
1 review
by Richard, 078****771
The service was awesome, and the installers were very prompt and sufficient. They completed the job in the specified time, and the awning looks great. I'd recommend them to anybody that's looking for an awning
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do you need permission from your municipality to install an awning?

    No, awnings can generally be installed on a property without any permission from your municipality in Diepkloof. However, the regulations may differ if the property is in a gated community or complex in Diepkloof.
  • What type of awnings are available?

    You have the option of installing a retractable awning or a fixed awning. Retractable awnings are great for deck areas, windows and patios. They are able to extend outwards when you want to use them and retract when they aren’t needed. Overall, they are very versatile and allow you to use the space in different ways. If a retractable awning is placed over a window it can help regulate the room temperature too.

    On the other hand, fixed awnings are great to have over doors and windows. They can offer constant protection from the sun and rain in Diepkloof. Fixed awnings are built to withstand the elements as they stay in the same place at all times.
  • Does the direction that my property faces influence where I should install an awning?

    Yes, the direction that your property faces in Diepkloof can make a difference. The angle of an awning is often overlooked and it’s very important in the long run. Awning installers in Diepkloof should consider appropriate awning designs and angles to meet your needs. The positioning of the awning affects how useful it will be in blocking the sun or rain. The awning installer must also consider the angles of the sun in both summer and winter in Diepkloof.
  • Does the fabric colour of my awning affect how good it will be at blocking the sun?

    Yes, the colour of the awning fabric does affect sun blockage. If you choose a dark colour, it can create more shade. Contrastingly, a lighter fabric blocks the sun less because the rays can shine through the material. In terms of the temperature, the colour of the awning fabric could have a subtle impact. However, overall thickness and ventilation of the fabric will have a greater influence.
  • Can I install an awning on my own?

    Yes, awnings can be installed by the buyer. If you consider yourself a handyman, it won’t be the most difficult project. Make sure you know how to use a drill, screws and hammers. An awning can be purchased at most hardware stores in Diepkloof. However, it’s advisable to hire a professional to install the awning in Diepkloof. They are likely to get the job done faster and they’ll know the best spot for the installation.
  • How do I keep my awning clean?

    You can clean your awning using a hose or a bucket of water and soap. Most awnings can dry easily after they have been washed, especially on sunny days. It’s highly recommended to clean your awning at least once a year. It helps the installation to look good and last longer.
Price Estimate for awnings near by Diepkloof

  • Average awning installation rates: R500 : per m²

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