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What type of electric fencing do you have?
How high is your fence?
How long is your fence?
What type of property do you have?
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Top 10 results for Electric Fencing in Port Elizabeth

Mount Pleasant, Port Elizabeth
NSPE - Electric Fencing. At NSPE - Electric Fencing - we offer the best solutions for the clients in their Electric Fencing requirements, including maintenance and repairs - from Home, Business or Industrial ...show more
2 reviews
by Rob, 082****420
Friendly, prompt and efficient service from Michael will make me call him again for any electrical issues that I may have. He knows his stuff and sorted out my cctv problem in no time.
Western Hills, Port Elizabeth
Your safety in our Hands. Over the years Nightime Security has helped individuals, companies and institutions to protect and put their valuable properties under digital supervision. Our team will ensure the final result is a true and accur ...show more
0 reviews
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Brymore, Port Elizabeth
Automatic gates garage doors intercoms electric fencing cctv ...show more
0 reviews
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Rowallan Park, Port Elizabeth
Elec Connect Electrical "Your electrical connection". Elec Connect is a Port Elizabeth Based electrical Installations Company We pride ourselves in delivering honest quality workmanship, together with quality parts and proper guarantee's. ...show more
7 reviews
by Thandi, 064****602
Their service was excellent and they even went beyond our expectations. Will most definitely use them again. Automated garage doors were installed and they even fixed my broken door lock??
Deal Party, Port Elizabeth
Security Systems & Access Control. - Garage doors & motors, services. - Gate motors & sliding gates. - Palisade fencing. - Intercoms and beams. - Steel work. - All motor repair call outs. - Electric Fencing. - Solar Systems - CCTV - ...show more
3 reviews
by Daniel, 082****876
Excellent service.
Broadwood, Port Elizabeth
AVUNI Unifroms and Products are specialists in our field, we have a vast range of products. AVUNI Uniforms and Products is one the leading Security Uniform, work wear, safety wear and product suppliers in South Africa. Combined we have over ...show more
3 reviews
by Steven, 083****531
Great service, quality uniforms and good advice. Vincent always deliver as promised. Avuni is really a leader in Uniform and Workwear supplies. Thanks guys!!!
Westering, Port Elizabeth
Let us keep your gates running, Install your fence with friendly service. Installation and repairs of gate motors, Intercoms, electric fencing, garage door motors and Intercoms, supply and programing of remotes, change keypad codes. ...show more
3 reviews
by Carol, 084****281
I urgently needed assistance with my gate motor and Andrew immediately responded to my call and gave me cost effective advice regarding repair and replacement. His professional service is highly commendable!
Sidwell, Port Elizabeth
SLIP TECHNOLOGIES - your overall security provider. Slip Technologies has been servicing the Port Elizabeth area since 1997. We offer a complete security solution. We supply and maintain all types of fencing, cctv ,booms, access control and t ...show more
0 reviews
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Newton Park, Port Elizabeth
One solution for all your maintenance headaches. Structures or equipment falling apart? Problem solved. Guarenteed. Quality workmanship guaranteed. All necessary building codes ISO, Sans and SABS adhered to and enforced. No job is too big o ...show more
0 reviews
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Walmer, Port Elizabeth
Providing solutions to security concerns. Algoa Security is a Professional Security Services company in Port Elizabeth offering a wide range of services. The Company was established by a team of passionate and trustworthy crime fighters with ...show more
3 reviews
by Chumani, 072****610
I would like to be an armed guard
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are there regulations that my electric fence must comply with?

    All electric fencing need to meet specific regulations set out by South African Electric Fence Installers Association (SAEFIA). Before hiring an installer in Port Elizabeth, make sure that they have been accredited by the association. This will confirm that they are a reputable business who understands the technical and legal guidelines for installing electric fencing.
  • What happens if a non-accredited business installs my electric fence?

    1. Damage or accidents might not be acknowledged by insurance.
    Imagine an instance where a tree falls over and damages your electric fencing. If the fence was not installed by an accredited professional, insurance probably won’t pay out for the damages.

    2. You risk facing legal action.
    If your fence is not accredited and someone gets shocked by it, they will have the right to take legal action. It will not matter if the person was an intruder or someone who touched the electric fence by mistake.
  • Who issues the electric fence certificate of compliance?

    In South Africa, the electric fence certificate of compliance is issued by SAEIFA. All electric fencing installation companies in Port Elizabeth are required to register with this association.
  • Is it safe to have an electric fence?

    Yes, having electric fencing is safe if it has been installed correctly. The voltage current of an electric fence is not strong enough to severely injure a person or kill them. However, touching the fence will result in a very unpleasant experience. This prevents intruders from being able to easily jump over your wall and enter your property.
  • Can electric fences kill pets?

    No. Most pets will instinctually avoid the electric fence, especially if they have touched it at least one time. Nevertheless, the current is not strong enough to kill them. They will generally experience the same level of discomfort as a human touching the fence.
  • Can the fence be linked to my security system?

    Yes. You can link electric fencing to an alarm response system. They are usually connected to the alarm system using a radio transmitter. A reputable electric fencing contractor in Port Elizabeth should be able to make the connection. However, you might be required to upgrade your alarm system.
  • Will having electric fencing significantly increase my electricity bill?

    Once you have installed an electric fence, be prepared for an increase in your electricity bill. However, the increase shouldn’t be too significant. On average, you can expect to pay approximately R40 more per month. You can also save money by turning off your electric fence during the day.
  • What happens to my electric fence during load shedding?

    These days, most electric fences will have a backup battery that lasts up to 24 hours. This means that your fence should be operational during load shedding and you won’t have to worry about security in Port Elizabeth.
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  • Average cost of electric fencing per meter: R150 : R200
  • Average cost of control box and installation fees: R1600 :

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