Snupit in a Nutshell

Find out who we are, what we do and why do people use Snupit

What is Snupit?

Snupit is a revolutionary new online local business directory which brings millions of customers and thousands of businesses together. We enable customers to discover great local businesses in their neighbourhood with all the information required for a customer to decide their next place to purchase from - i.e. photos, reviews, contact information, and special offers.

How does Snupit work? Why do people visit Snupit?

Snupit provides an easy to use website for our users which helps them in selecting the best businesses according to their locations, products, services, ratings and reviews among other options.

Snupit also acts as a platform for businesses to increase their visibility and to target the right consumer leads.

Who uses Snupit? is used by people with higher disposable incomes who are looking for a business that is able to provide a specific product or service. With more and more South African’s now online, it is proven that 82% of customers who search online, follow up with online action.

Why Snupit?

We got started after our Managing Director went online to search for a contractor to renovate our company’s premises, and he couldn’t find the information he was looking for. After many online business directories and limited results, he realized the opportunity for a new, fresh and accurate local search engine connecting customers to businesses. Viola, and the rest is history!

Company History

Founded in August 2012, Snupit is one of the fastest growing online local search engines in South Africa. The design-centred engineering team is headquartered in Pietermaritzburg with hosting and datacentres in Cape Town.

Team Snupit

The team comprises well qualified, dynamic and hard working professionals. The top management are seasoned professionals with rich experience in engineering, internet software, payments, telecoms and finance domains. The Snupit team is defined by its individuals who bring unbridled creativity, a dedicative approach and a generous dose of passion to the workplace. Sounds like you? Get in touch