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by ravesh084****99307 February, 2015

I had lunch with my wife and being the weekend after paying bills I was hungry and what amazed me there were no lines to follow and the restaurant was busy ,placed our order and within 10mins was having a tasty hot meal,as for the staff well done guys on my behalf,cool calm and fantastic,what a team


by Mannie074****03307 May, 2014

I do work in the food industry and I understand about customer service. I called telephonically and gave my order to an Indian gentleman. I specifically requested that the chips must not be soaked in oil. The order was 2 large fish and chips, 1 large fish only and 1 calamari , all deep fried.
To my supprise when I opened the wrap both the fish and chips were soaked in oil. obviously the fish was not well drained and the chips probally was the same , not well drained.
I called the manager and all he had to tell me was , i am sorry , I tried my best. If that was his best then I am not sure what is his worse. This type of food is definately not accepted and should never be served to any customer.


by cybil079****04502 May, 2014

Î really don't know were 2 start...firstly î am very disappoint with the staff n the manager, î was there on monday with a complain n the manager was off so a coloured lady took down my details n î was told that the manager will call me first thing tuesday morning... Itz friday î av not received any call...