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Nicki Toys started 28 years ago as Worcester’s only toy shop and from the very start the focus was on quality products.

When I took over the shop in 2009, I noticed a need for educational and therapeutic aids and instruments. Worcester and surrounding areas has got several occupational therapists, physiotherapists and schools that are always looking for different and new items. I started to focus more on educational toys, and when a school or therapist need something specific, I search for it until I get it!!

Nicki Toys, however, still stick to quality toys as well. I believe that if a parent or teacher buys a product, it should last for a long time. We stock brands that has got a reputation of good quality, such as Lego, Tolo, Wow, Melissa & Dough, Bruder, Siku and Gowi, only to name a few.


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