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Adrienne Verney Productions, is a training company based on empowering people through specialised Communication Training. When asked, I am told - “communication” or rather “the lack of it” is always an issue.
My workshops are embedded with life skills and I have learned much about human nature, from my experience and foundation in television.
I use camera in most of my training; my ‘intention’ is to build confidence through participation during the workshop and DVD’s are shown to further elaborate on more skills and to show one is perceived. This allows for a myriad of possibilities to emerge "Innovation" being a major focus for Course No: Seven. Most of my workshops lead towards :- Self Management & Management development and are are a basis to achieve change management, assertive skills, emotional intelligence, honest reflected perception and understanding value-creating behaviours, which enrich each delegate to strive to lead and to eagerly work towards ‘being the best they can be.’ Personal Coaching and medium to large groups are on offer.

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E3 Bayview Heights, Red Hill Road, Simons Town, Cape Town - 7995
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