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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the different types of internet solutions available in South Africa?

    There’s a variety of internet solutions in South Africa at the moment and they all have different benefits.

    The most common internet solutions are:

    - Fibre

    If you are lucky enough to have coverage in Kwanobuhle by one of the fibre networks, it’s definitely worth it. Fibre is the fastest cable internet in South Africa.

    - ADSL

    ADSL is a broadband connection which works through the copper wires of your existing phone line. The speed of ADSL greatly depends on the area you live in Kwanobuhle and your internet service plan.

    - Mobile

    Using mobile data is a common internet solution in South Africa. Almost every smartphone can be used as an internet hotspot if data has been loaded onto the sim card.

    - Wi-Fi

    This is usually ADSL or Fibre internet that is connected to a router and allows for wireless internet access.

    - 5G

    5G is fifth generation technology that is becoming the new standard for cellular networks. It’s the successor to 4g networks and provides fast internet speeds.

    - Satellite

    Satellite internet isn’t a very common option in South Africa. However, if you live in a remote area in Kwanobuhle then satellites might just be your only option. They are quick to install and work well enough if you don’t have any other options.
  • Which internet solution is best for an office space?

    Office spaces usually require speedy internet that can cater to dozens of people. The best options will be Fibre, 5G and Wi-Fi. A mobile data connection won’t cut it if more than 1 person needs to use the internet on a regular basis. Even ADSL connections have proven to be too slow for companies that are constantly expanding.
  • Which internet solution is best for households?

    Many households require speedy internet these days as streaming, online calls and large downloads have become the norm. It’s advisable to get a fibre or 5G connection if you have a house of heavy internet users in Kwanobuhle. However, ADSL or mobile data connections in Kwanobuhle will do the trick for smaller households that mostly use the internet for browsing purposes.
  • What is the difference between capped and uncapped internet?

    Capped internet has a set data usage amount per month that is determined by the package you signed up for. If the allocated data is depleted, a data top up is required to regain a connection. Capped top ups can be expensive and are usually billed per gigabyte. Ultimately, capped internet will give you higher speeds and less bandwidth.

    Uncapped internet provides you with unlimited data per month. You don’t have to worry about the amount of data being used each day and no data top ups are required. However, many uncapped internet packages may be subjected to shaping and throttling which slows down internet speeds. You can expect some pure fibre packages to be uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled.
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  • Home internet solutions - p/m: R100 : R1000
  • Business internet solutions - p/m: R300 : R2500

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