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Top 10 debt counsellors in Sandton

Paulshof, Sandton
We endeavour to implement quality management systems basing on ISO requirements so as to ensure consistent service excellence. Since 2006, DebtAssessor has been offering unparalleled services to all c. DebtAssessor is an autonomous organisati ...show more
3 reviews
by Mhlangasi, 061****198
This is the best company to get assistance from. They are so accurate when it comes to estimating the installments which are acceptable to creditors. Most D.C. I spoke to when quoting me small amounts just to get Restructure fee but I kept ...
Zap Debt Rescue Counselling is here to protect you from blacklisting and stop your vehicles and other items getting taken away. Registered debt counsellors. Get your free assesment at zapdebt.co.za. Zap Debt is an online debt counselling serv ...show more
0 reviews
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Gallo Manor, Sandton
LET US FREE YOU! When we work together, we can help ease your financial stress from day 1. Stop struggling with the debt spiral, work with us to free your finances!. Sandton Debt Counselling is An NCR approved Debt Counselling service and we ...show more
3 reviews
by bongeka, 078****128
im very happy with Sandton Dc service it is outstanding they are always prompt with responding they are very friendly and they are taking our problems and making them their own problems you will always get hold of them at anytime and there ...
Providing Financial, Business, Banking and Debt support and Counselling in Gauteng and Nationally. Killaghy Business Solutions has been in business for over 10 years, being registered with the National Credit Regulator in 2006 and commenced b ...show more
2 reviews
by PETRO, 071****148
My debt been handled professionally and I did pay it off sooner as expect because of the help I receive -
Kelvin, Sandton
Unable to sleep because of debts, creditors threatening to take legal action against you?. We negotiate with credit providers on your behalf to pay what you can afford. Save your assets and everything you worked hard for by contacting us imme ...show more
0 reviews
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Gallo Manor, Sandton
When you apply for debt review, we negotiate with your creditors on your behalf for a lower repayment amount. As registered debt counsellors, we are allowed to do this and use the guidelines provided in the National Credit Act to accomplish ...show more
0 reviews
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Buccleuch, Sandton
The Strategic Business For a Growing Business. Our professionals boast over 50 years in serving entrepreneurs, and ensuring both compliance and growth of the business ...show more
0 reviews
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Have you used this business? Write Review
Have you used this business? Write Review
Epsom Downs, Sandton
MEDICAL DEBT COLLECTIONS. 25 years experience ...show more
0 reviews
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you feel stressed about mounting debt? Guess what? You don’t have to handle it on your own. South Africa has many certified debt counselling professionals. They know exactly what you need to manage your debt. And with Snupit’s review feature you can find one that offers excellent customer service. With them you’ll feel comfortable talking about your personal finances.
  • How does a debt review help you?

    A debt review helps clients restructure or reduce their debt payments to their creditors. You will still pay off your debt but at lower installments.
  • Can your car or home get repossessed?

    When you’re under debt review you’re given a certain amount of protection. Creditors are not allowed to repossess assets as long as they form part of your review. If you're following the advice of the debt counsellor and keeping up with payments creditors have no valid reasons to repossess your assets.
  • What happens after the debts are paid off?

    Once all your debt is paid off the debt counsellor notifies the National Credit Regulator (NCR). The email specifies the details of your case and the NCR must remove your name from its registry & the credit bureau lists.
  • Will your debt review affect your spouse’s credit?

    Quite a few factors determine how partners’ finances affect each other:
    - If the marriage happens after the initial debt review your spouse’s credit shouldn’t be affected.
    - If you’re married in community of property you legally share all assets and debt. If you're under a debt review your spouse will be too.
  • Will the debt review affect your home’s bond?

    A debt review doesn’t affect your bond. Your bond is included in the list of creditors you need to pay.
  • How long does it take for the debt to be cleared?

    Your debt review period depends on a number of factors:
    - Your income
    - The number of creditors you have
    - The total outstanding debt
    - The interest rates on the accounts
    - The percentage of rates increases

    When you consult with the debt counsellor you’ll get a full breakdown of the process. You’ll be told what will be paid to whom and the estimated time before the process is completed.
  • Will you be accepted for new credit if you’re on the NCR registry?

    No new credit will be approved if you're listed on the NCR registry. You’re struggling to repay current debt. No new creditor will accept the risk of not receiving payments.
  • Will creditors still pursue you for payments?

    When under debt review your counsellor takes over much of the administration. But you’re bound to still receive communication from your creditors.

    Even though they’re informed of your review it may take time to update their systems with your repayment plan. If they keep contacting you simply inform them you’re working with a debt counsellor and when payment is scheduled.
  • What happens if you can't pay the debt due to an emergency or death?

    When emergencies arise the debt counsellor must inform the creditors of possible problems with payments. New arrangements need to be made. All parties—the client, debt counsellor and creditor—must agree to the new terms.
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